QUIZ: Who Wears the Pants in Your Relationship?


In a perfect world, you and your partner would be 100 percent equal partners in a happy, healthy, functioning relationship. However – more times than not, one of you steps into the spotlight to take the lead. While certain times call for one of you to be in control (you know, whoever has the expertise in the topic at hand), it’s better to keep the power balance pretty even to make sure no one feels like they’re being talked down to or not as important.

To figure out if you’re wearing the pants too much – or your man is – take our quiz!

  1. Your mutual friends have asked you out to dinner for Friday night. You want to go but your guy would rather stay home with a 12-pack and Netflix. What do you eventually end up doing?

  2. You’re thinking about redecorating your bedroom. You want to do something modern, he prefers a classic finish. What does the room look like in the end?

  3. You’re taking your guy to one of your close friend’s formal wedding. When he pulls out his old tux… it’s a little out of style. What do you do?

  4. Be honest: who is initiating sex more these days?

  5. You’ve finally saved up enough money for a nice getaway together. How do you plan it?

  6. When you argue, how does it usually end?

  7. None of your friends are available on Saturday to see that chick flick you’ve been wanting to see. How does your guy respond when you ask him to go with you?

  8. You wanted to surprise your guy with dinner (and some fun!), but he got held up at work and was home way late. What happens when he finally gets home?

  9. Your guy is off for a dude-only bachelor weekend with his friends. How do you act?

  10. Your guy has known for weeks about a big after-work party that’s important to you, but his friends want to go to a fun concert that same night. What does he do?

  11. When it comes to discussing the future, how does the conversation usually go?

Photo Credit: Richard Foster on Flickr

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  1. grisel fowler says:

    describes us perfectly

  2. grisel fowler says:

    hopefully our communication skills will continue n not change

  3. lori sherman says:

    my fiancé is the one that is always telling me what to do

  4. Sandy pereira says:

    It fun to answer ur own question and give it try

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