3 Things Men Worry About Before Proposing


It’s not that your guy isn’t crazy, head-over-heels about you, because we’re pretty sure he thinks you’re incredible. It’s not that he isn’t really in love with you or can’t imagine spending the rest of his life with you. It’s just… commitment – and yes, marriage – is scary! While it’s something that we’re sure you worry about, the truth is that men worry about being with someone forever, too. You can’t cure him of his fears, but you can ease them by giving him time to figure it out in his own way. We talked to some married men to figure out the things they worried about before standing at the altar.

Will We Stop Having Sex?

Though you say you’ll always want to roll around in the bed with your man every single day, sometimes life gets in the way. You’re stressed out – or feeling bloated and unattractive – and you’d rather just skip the sex. Or, he’s really overworked and can’t rise to the challenge. Things happen of course, but men worry that the trite and mostly inaccurate statement that “women stop wanting sex post-marriage” will be true for their relationship. You can’t promise your drive will always be as high or your moves as hot, but you can let him know – every single day – that you think he’s the best you’ve ever had and you can’t wait to keep having him.

Will We Stop Being Attracted to Each Other?

While you’re beautiful now and you’ll always be lovely, wrinkles will one day show up. Things will sag post-babies. You won’t always have the time or the energy to run every day. And you know what? He might lose his hair and gain a pot belly. Just like times and relationships, looks change, too, and men often worry about still feeling attracted and wowed by their partner. Though it seems trivial, making an effort every once in a while to get yourself dolled up or put on a sexy number for nighttime will remind him of all the reasons he fell in love with you and help him not to fret over how you might change – and yes, age – one day.

Am I Ready to Be a Dad?

Sure, once you get married, you’re not going to have a baby right that very second. But most couples discuss family planning before walking down the aisle. It’s a natural progression in a relationship to think about future plans and future offspring, but when men hear the word “baby” they get stressed out instantly. Babies aren’t only a lot of responsibilities, but a huge financial commitment too – and men always worry about supporting their families. Make sure your guy knows that you’re not dying to have children, and no matter what, you know he’ll be a great husband and father.

By Aurora Brown

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