4 Tips to Divide the Chores With Your Man


When he bent down on one knee and proclaimed his love with a sparkly ring – it was really easy to imagine spending the rest of your life completely committed and utterly in love with this magical man.


But then he left the toilet seat up for the third time today. And he can’t seem to understand the concept of washing dishes after using them or separating his whites and darks. Okay, actually, he can’t even get them within six feet of the hamper. Wedding planning is super-stressful and not having an equal division of household chores can take that oh-my-god-we’re-engaged spark right out of the relationship.

But before you let yourself wonder if the grass is greener with a tidier man or fork over the cash for a maid – try these tips to getting your guy to help out around your place.

Have a Heart-to-Heart

You already fear sounding like your mother and if you start bossing him around, you’ll quickly go from vixen he can’t wait to get his hands on to woman he can’t get away from.  Because your guy will care that you feel overloaded (and you know, possibly not in the mood for some more sexual adventures later), he will work with you to figure out a solution.

Make it Sexy

A sure-fire way to get your guy to pay attention to the housework? Do it in your lingerie. Yeah, that’s right – whip out your favorite set and start doing the daily tasks you normally do. When he becomes intrigued, let him know that the only way he’ll get to enjoy your sexy attire is if he helps you. He’ll not only scrub away – but we bet he’ll do it really fast.

Bribe Him

If your guy is really into sports, offer to rub his shoulders during the next game if he’ll commit to checking some things off your tidying-up list. Or if he’s a foodie – surprise him with his favorite meal in exchange for a full-kitchen clean-over.

Come Up With a Plan

No two people will enjoy doing the same tasks, and surely cleaning the toilet isn’t exactly a favorite pastime for anyone – but if you can put your heads together and find a solution that makes both of you feel appreciated and valued, your engagement won’t suffer. Figure out if you need to switch weeks (I’ll clean this week, you clean next) or divide it by who prefers what (I don’t mind dishes, I can fold clothes in five minutes), and stick to it. Household responsibilities will never disappear  — and let’s be real, they’ll even get more intense post-babies – so, make sure to lay the foundation and standard now.

By Aurora Brown

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