The 5 Most Creative Proposals of the Year


We have to give it to the guys – they’ve been stepping up their game with big, super-romantic, proposals in 2013. We’re all suckers for a sweet story – and a handsome man professing his undying love for the woman (or man!) he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Below, see our favorite, most creative proposals of the year. We can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!

1 – The Pinterest Proposal/Flash Wedding

What Happened: One boyfriend followed his girlfriend’s Pinterest board about her future dream wedding to give her just that: everything she wanted on her special day! From the ring to the dress and collecting her friends and family, this lady gets proposed to and married all in the same day.

Why We Love It: How awesome is it that a guy can A: Knows what Pinterest is and how to follow it and B: Can plan a wedding all on his own!

2 – The Home Depot Proposal

What Happened: A man puts together a flash mob of friends and dancers at a Home Depot in Salt Lake City to surprise his boyfriend with a sweet proposal, all to the tune of “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who.

Why We Love It: Just try to watch this video without getting teary-eyed, especially when he confesses his love!

3 – The Will-He-Ever-Propose Proposal

What Happened: A woman figured out her guy was going to propose to her – so to throw her off (and give her an awesome proposal), he takes her around town to where their first date was, their favorite places, saying incredibly sweet (and proposal-like) things… but not actually proposing. Until he finally does…

Why We Love It: The music “Say Yes” by Langhorne Slim is perfect: you’re thinking the whole time you watch – just propose, just propose, say yes, say yes!

4 – The Angry Birds Proposal

What Happened: There’s this guy who is obsessed with Angry Birds so much that he uses Angry Birds to propose to his girlfriend… in the sweetest way possible. After 8-and-half years of dating…

Why We Love It: The maker of Angry Birds help him do it… and just wait for the girlfriend’s reaction!

5 – Proposing With a Pup

What Happened: A couple’s pup, an 18-month-old black lab helps the boyfriend propose to the girlfriend…but hanging the engagement ring from his collar.

Why We Love It: The look of shock on her face is almost as cute as the puppy. Also kind of cool that the guy asks, “What do ya reckon?” as a way to propose. We reckon yes!

By Aurora Brown

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