A Boxing Ring Proposal!


Megan & Chazz

The Proposal

Chazz proposed to Megan under the spotlight, in the center of a traditional boxing ring, surrounded by a crowd of 3,000 cheering souls.  Here is Megan’s feed-back in her own words.

“Chazz is a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter and had his first advanced amateur bout December 15th. The fight was at Wild Bill’s in Duluth in a traditional boxing ring. This fight night was Wild Bills’ annual Toys For Tots charity. If you brought an unwrapped toy, you got a free general admission ticket. There was estimated to be about 3,000 people there. No pressure, right? The fights started and eventually Chazz’s bout was next. We went crazy cheering for him. It was a grueling match, my entire body was shaking viciously the whole time, especially when I noticed how much his nose was bleeding. Fast forward, Chazz “The Hybrid” Walton wins in the 3rd round with 20ish seconds left via arm bar!!!!!I hear the emcee pass the mic to Chazz. I hear him say, “Did ya’ll enjoy that?” and I’m thinking- wow, this is all adrenaline, Chazz doesn’t do public speaking. Then I hear, “I’d like to call someone very special inside the ring….. Megan, could you come inside the ring?” I am so confused. I walk toward the ring while my brain is still trying to figure this out.”

“Afraid I might break my neck in front of thousands of people, I ditch my heels and I step into the ring. Of course, Chazz wants me front and center and makes me come to him, in the very middle. Chazz gets the crowd to cheer for me and before I know it, he is down on one knee! The crowd goes nuts- I now know what’s happening! I immediately cover my mouth with my hands in shock, taking everything in. He then says,“Megan Wilbourn, I’ve loved you since I met you…. (pulls out ring) Will you marry me?” I almost can’t hear anything over the cheering, I pull him up from kneeling and hug him, kiss him and his bloody face and of course- SAY YES! So, we are now engaged and he gave me a ring inside a ring!”

Check out the video of the proposal:

The Engagement Ring

“The engagement ring is a family heirloom, hundreds of years old!”

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  1. Mike Keenan says:

    That’s my ninja!

  2. Kayla Pfister says:

    I am so proud & happy for you both. I’ve known Chazz for 13+ years, he’s always been a good boy & now a great man. Congrats to you both. Best wishes for love, health & wealth.

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