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Sapphire centers are having a moment in engagement ring trends. I think one of the main reason is that girls have become more and more involved in picking their ring. Hence they are really looking for something that will be unique to them and finding a unique color gemstone is a great way to accomplish that. Designers are also bringing something new to the table and adding a rainbow of sapphire options to their engagement ring collections, not just the classic dark blue.

We asked Rogerio Graca of Pristine Gemstone Jewelry and Sev our editor – she is considering having a sapphire for her own engagement ring- to share with us what makes sapphires such an interesting stone to consider for your engagement ring.

1 – Sapphires come in many colors

Although medium blue is the most popular and widely known sapphire color, sapphires come in a rainbow of colors such as peach, yellow, orange, green, pink, white and a combination of these colors, which are all found occurring naturally. When it come to blues, they come in an array of shades from ice and baby blues to navy.

2 – Sapphires also have their own 4 C’s

There are a few considerations when choosing a sapphire that also have an effect on price:

  • Color is the main factor affecting a sapphire’s price.
  • Clarity refers to the inclusions, and is an important consideration when buying sapphires. Some inclusions are to be expected in sapphires due to the conditions under which they are formed in nature.
  • Carat Weight (size) can affect a sapphire’s price dramatically depending on its color and clarity. Prices can increase exponentially as size increases.
  • Cut is responsible for a gemstone’s brilliance and appeal, so it will impact the gemstone’s value dramatically. Precision cut gemstones are cut to maximize brilliance and can have as much as 50% more brilliance than native cut stones.  Only 5% of sapphires on the market have been precision cut. You can learn more about the importance of precision cut gemstones found in this blog.



3 – A majority of sapphires are heated

Approximately 95% of sapphires on the market have received a heat treatment. It’s meant to enhance their color and clarity.

4 – Sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds

Sapphires are 9 in hardness in the Mohs scale, just 1 level below diamonds, making them ideal for daily wear in jewelry such as engagement rings.

5 – Most sapphires have traveled a long way to get to you

There are a number of countries that produce sapphires such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, Burma, Vietnam and so on. Some of the best sapphires come from Burma and Kashmir although every mine produces a broad range of different quality gemstones.

6- The Diana ring

The Lady Diana engagement ring that is now owned by Duchess Catherine is the most iconic sapphire engagement ring. It features a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire. It was personally picked by Diana among dozens of other rings suggested by Prince Charles. Prince Williams carried the ring in his rucksack for 3 weeks before proposing to Kate Middleton during their trip to Kenya. For a selection of beautiful and affordable engagement rings with sapphire centers, browse here.


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