Should you propose on her birthday?


It’s always fun to throw a proposal into a special day, such as a holiday or graduation. But should you propose on her birthday? Here are a few reasons FOR and AGAINST doing it!

FOR…Family and Friends.

Whether it’s on her EXACT birthday or not, proposing at a birthday party could be super special. Everyone is already gathered, and you may not have to get her anything other than that engagement ring! Plus, it’s more celebrating HER and HER special moment. It’s not taking away from anyone else’s day, it’s just adding to hers.


Gosh forbid that someday down the road you don’t make it. Then she’ll have to spend every year thinking about you and that proposal on her birthday. While you clearly aren’t planning for your life together to fail, it’s something to take into consideration when proposing– especially if you intend to propose on one of HER days.

FOR…Easy Delivery.

You don’t have to worry about hiding the ring. Instead, you can wrap it up in a box (inside a box, inside a box) to get it to her. You also have an excuse to surprise her with an amazing gift of some kind since it’s her birthday! She won’t be thrown off or suspect a proposal, she’ll just think it’s for her birthday.

AGAINST…Celebrate one at a time.

If your girl is someone who wants a reason to celebrate EVERY occasion, then you shouldn’t propose on her birthday. Why? Because she’ll want her birthday to be about her birthday, and the engagement to be about the engagement. She won’t want to mix them in together because then she doesn’t get two moments to shine.

Whatever you do, this all depends on the woman you are with!


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