An Arrested Proposal


Samantha and Matt met at a party their freshman year of college… which was busted by the cops. After that, it seemed the two connected, and began dating.

When it came time to propose, Matt decided that since they mat as “trouble makers”, it only made sense to propose in that way. The police pulled them over, and had him by the vehicle putting him in handcuffs. Samantha didn’t know what to think as the officer began patting her boyfriend down… until the officer pulled something out of Matt’s pocket.

An engagement ring.

Matt then strides over to Samantha, clearly not cuffed, and asks her to marry him. As he does, friends appear from all over to get it on camera. Obviously they were staged around the area, knowing what was going to happen.

Samantha’s terrible experience turned into one of sheer joy.

How would you feel about this kind of proposal?


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