Craziest Card Trick Proposal


I swear, this guy must be a wizard because this is the coolest card trick proposal I have ever seen. Not only is it very skilled and amazing– but the sentiment behind the entire thing is very sweet. He basically recounts their relationship history with cards.

The guy starts off telling the story about how they met with two cards that represent both him and her individually, demonstrating with the deck how they cross paths (the first part of the trick).

Then, somehow the cards representing both of them get stuck together– another part of the trick (watch carefully! I have no idea how he does it!)

But it doesn’t stop there. He then explains that if she looks closely, the cards can just be pulled apart and separated. However, he continues, there is a way for the cards to never be separated. He then takes the cards and puts it on top of the deck, only to some how reveal that the deck is really a box with the ring inside.

The look on her face is absolutely wonderful. I think I was just as shocked as she was. This guy’s slight of hand is incredible. You have to see it to believe it.


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