How to tell your parents you’re engaged


Flaunting your ring while asking your mom to "pass the bread basket" could be a cute way to let her know about your big news.

So you’ve experienced a proposal that resulted in a “YES!” Whether you were the asker or askee, the next step is equally as important: telling the parents. Make the moment special for them too. After all, you all will be one big family pretty soon.

1) Propose to them too
Give your future in-laws a box with a ring pop in it (if you’re poor and going for cute) or something nice and fancy like an engraved locket for the mother or cufflinks for the father. Have the note say, “Will you be my mother-in-law/father-in-law (so and so already volunteered you for the job).” The look on their faces will be priceless.

2) Take them out to a fancy dinner
They’ll already be impressed at how mature you guys are and then feel extra special for the double date they won’t have to pay for. Have the ring bearer to ask for someone to pass the bread basket, but when she extends her hand, have her be flaunting her engagement ring (probably best to lean that one more toward the mother. She’ll probably notice it before the dad). Cap the night off by ordering a round of champagne to toast to your new family!

3) Recreate a picture of them
Does his or her parents have a cute, memorable photo of when they were engaged/proposing/etc? Take the time to track it down and have a professional photographer (or really talented friend) take a picture of the two of you recreating the pose in the vintage photo. Then frame both pictures side by side. Give it as a gift with a note that says something like, “You’ve demonstrated what real love is. Hopefully we’ll be as blessed as we take this next step…WE’RE ENGAGED!”

How will you let your parents know you were engaged?


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