Six Disney Princess inspired proposals


I just finished watching one my favorite Disney movies tonight with my cousin (“Tangled” of course), and it hit me at the very end. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The truth is, you never really ever see the prince propose to the princess in most of the movies. Usually there’s a moment like a kiss or a shoe or some big moment, but then you cut straight to the wedding scene. Anyone else notice this?

How is it that one of the most romantic moments of someone’s life is never really portrayed by Disney Princesses?

Well luckily, even though Disney has dropped the ball on this one, many men have taken their inspiration from their ladies’ favorite Disney princess movies and made proposals that were fabulous.

At around 2:30 he says “Well even though the shoe doesn’t fit, maybe this will…” Totally melt my heart why don’t ya?

Beauty and the Beast:
He takes her to the “real” Belle’s library. Her breath is already taken away by the site of the books and then….

This guy dresses up like Aladdin, sings like Aladdin and then somehow gets dancers and a huge slideshow. Maybe a magic genie helped him out.

The Little Mermaid:
He takes her out on romantic paddle boat ride and then sings a few bars (a little badly but good in a cute way) of that Little Mermaid song “Kiss the Girl” then they pass near a bridge where a guitar player is singing that same song. Coincidence? Nope.

Snow White:
He takes his lady and her step children to see a live Snow White show, but at the very end, declares to the audience that he found his “own Snow White.”


Not only does this Prince sing that special song to his lady, he has one of those LANTERNS. YES!


What do you think: Are Disney Princess proposals awesome or too little kiddie?


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  1. Maranda C. says:

    They are awesome! I am so for them… I want a Princess Tiana proposal :)

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