5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Newly Engaged


Typically at this point in the New Year, many of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions. However, it’s not too late to make some new ones. Why not make some specifically for this time during your engagement?

1) I will not take this period in my life for granted.

With planning for the upcoming wedding, it’s easy to ignore being engaged. Make a resolution to try to savor the moment. Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you can’t still go on super, romantic dates. Try to keep the romance alive by visiting places from your first dates. And when the year mark rolls around for some of you, celebrate your proposal.

2) I will not ignore the important parts of wedding planning.

Sure, picking out your bridesmaids and your wedding favors are the fun part, and words like “guest list” and “deposit” make you shudder. However, resolve not to jump the gun on the wedding planning the moment the ring gets on your finger. Make sure to do the important things first like set the date and the guest list before you start picking your colors and flowers.

3) I will not replace my fiance with wedding plans.

Yes, being engaged is exciting. But don’t forget why you’re engaged in the first place. Trust us, your fiance loves you and wants to marry you– but he’s not going to want your relationship to turn into wedding planning central. Resolve to make time for your fiance, wedding-free.

4) Get to know each other’s families.

You’re both about start your own family, but don’t forget you’re joining each other’s now too. Make an effort to really get to know your in-laws. Plan family dinners and game nights. It’ll cut down on some of the family drama as it gets closer to the wedding.

5) Insure the ring!

Easily forgotten, but this little detail can prevent a whole world of problems and heartache. Make sure you guys take time to protect your new symbol of love. After all, diamonds are forever– unless it gets stolen, falls down the drain, or fido eats it.

What do you think: What is your resolution for the New Year?


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