Marriage Proposals and Technology

From the video

From the video

Technology and marriage proposals seem to go hand in hand lately. Matt Van Horn, a 26-year-old romantic, decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend via various social networks. According to, Matt used Qik to stream a video of the proposal live over the internet, he then used FourSquare to check in to the location, which automatically spread the URL of the camera feed to Facebook and Twitter so that friends and family could watch.

The Fox News article goes on to talk about other geeky marriage proposals, such as Twitter proposals and FourSquare proposals. The article then asks the question if people are going too far with technology or if this is just a new era for marriage proposals?

We like when marriage proposals and technology collide, but one thing we don’t like is when technology is used as a way to substitute real human contact. Streaming a live feed of your proposal online is cool, but proposing online is not. There are exceptions to the rule, but if you’re going to propose at least try to be in the same room together. What do you think? What’s your opinion on technology and proposals?

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