How to Upgrade your Engagement Ring!


By Jewelry and Style Expert, Michael O’Connor

The ring that a woman gets engaged with will always hold significant emotional meaning to her.  Over time a woman’s taste may have evolved to the point that the original ring no longer emulates her current style. After many years of hard work, a couple may find themselves in a considerably better financial situation than they were when the original ring was chosen and they may wish to have a ring that reflects who they are today. After many years of wearing the same ring, however, a few scenarios are not uncommon.

Ring by Erica Courtney

1. Update your engagement ring

Simple Changes

If the issue is simply style, this may be the easiest fix, remedied by a trip to your trusted jeweler:

  • Updates to the finish of a ring, such as the addition of a new finish, or polishing off a dated texture can often be done while you wait.
  • On some mountings it may be possible for the jeweler to add hand engraving or highlight your center diamond with the addition of some side gems.
Drastic Changes
  • If your style concern is more drastic and requires a significant change, your jeweler can show you a complete selection of mounting styles into which your original engagement gems can be set.

2. Get a brand new engagement ring

For some, the matter may be both a style and size issue. In this case the easiest solution may be to purchase of an entirely new ring in keeping with your evolved taste and a reflection of your current financial situation.

  • Your jeweler will be happy to help you select a larger diamond or colored gem and a new mounting.
  • Women who love color and the look of a large impressive ring may want to consider a popular colored gemstone choice, using her current diamonds on either side of the new gem.
  • In some cases your jeweler may allow you to trade in your original ring toward the purchase of a new ring. Bear in mind that you will not receive the full “replacement value” stated on your ring’s appraisal since your jeweler will either resell the ring, or the diamond, and will melt the mounting.

3. How to preserve the sentimental value of your first engagement ring

  • Should you wish to preserve the emotional significance of your original ring you may opt to save the ring as a family heirloom to be passed down to children.
  • For sentimental reasons, if you wish a larger center diamond, you may wish to have your original diamonds incorporated into the new ring as side diamonds. You will likely need to purchase additional diamonds of similar quality and color in this case.

Whether it’s two, ten or twenty years, trade up time is a strictly a personal decision. Reasons for a desired update can vary widely between couples, but the emotionally significant nature of the original engagement ring remains universal. Make sure you choose a trusted jeweler who will guide you through the process with both compassion and knowledge. You can start by visiting Engagement 101’s local directory to find a retailer in your area.

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