The Ultimate Airport Proposal


Most girls have airport fantasies. I’m not alone in this, right? Where she comes back from a long trip, or maybe even just a weekend, away from the man she loves and he’s waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers and they run to each other and it’s such a movie moment?

This man, an F-16 (Airforce) pilot, took it to a whole new level. When his holiday travel plans from South Korea, where he was stationed, were slightly altered it completely threw off his original proposal idea. He had to come up with something entirely different to surprise his girlfriend, and boy did he!

Imagine her surprise when 150 passengers file out before him, each handing her a flower. This video goes for a good five minutes (5:15, to be exact) before he finally makes an appearance, drops to one knee, and asks her to marry him. I personally love how many of the passengers wait for the big finale. After being a part of it, who wouldn’t want to see her final reaction?

Even if this wasn’t his original proposal idea, I’d say it probably tops his first plan.


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