Mistletoe is great! Jumbotrons…not so much


Getting a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas season is very romantic. No one will argue that. But jumbotrons are still a risky and slightly unromantic way to go.

Combine the two and… well… it’s still terrible.

Check out this poor guy at the UCLA game. The “Mistletoe Cam” is focusing on different couples to encourage them to plant that holiday inspired kiss onto their lovers. At first, the girl seems excited to kiss her boyfriend on the camera. But when it turns into something more than just a peck, she freaks out and flees the scene.

Stick to real mistletoe this season, guys. It’s more romantic that way.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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  1. Becky Smalley says:

    Man,I feel so sorry for this guy. Talk about being humiliated,I hope that she did give him a better answer later instead of the one in front of everyone. Best of luck.

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