Best Cheerleading Proposals


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Who said cheerleading was just for the ladies? Whether it’s cheerleader to cheerleader or supportive boyfriend to cheerleader, you have to admit. These proposals are pretty sweet.

1. In the Air
This guy is a former cheerleader alumni at the Missouri University. It just so happens that his girlfriend is ALSO a cheerleader and still currently so. While she’s cheering, his guy friends help prop him up in the air so he can propose front of the crowd when she least expects it. I love how he still gets down on one knee in the air.

2. Get Her Friends to Do It
So maybe you’re not as coordinated as the guy above, but you can still have a cheerleading proposal for the cheerleader of your heart. Check out how these girls recited a chant that the groom-to-be wrote and surprised her with.

3. Poke her with the Ring?
So, when you’re preparing for a stunt, you have to make sure everything feels right. Knowing this, the guy proposing sets up to do a partner stunt with his fellow cheerleader bride-to-be, but keeps the ring on his finger so it basically keeps stabbing her. That’s a way to get her attention.

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