3 tips to propose with a pet


We’ve all seen that cat food commercial that not only was on TV, Hulu and in the movie theaters, but also had a Youtube series that ended in a wedding where the proposal kitten also attended. (Not familiar with said Fancy Feast commercial? Watch the beginning here.)

But do people really do that in real life? Can someone successfully propose with a pet?

For some couples it works out just like in the commercial. This couple used a friend’s dog to deliver the ring. It COMPLETELY caught this bride-to-be by surprise. Overall, I’d say it was effective.

Of course if you don’t have any pets or friends with pets, you could always hire an animal as cool as a dolphin to bring it to your lady like this guy here. My only concern would be dropping the ring in the water….slightly terrifying thought. But it worked out for this couple.

HOWEVER, pets can also ruin proposals. So consider the following before committing to this question-popping style.

1) Is the animal well behaved or professionally trained?
If the answer is “no,” so should your answer to whether or not you should use them. You want this moment to be fool-proof. If your pooch is a four-legged fool, then what in the world are you thinking?

2) Would your woman appreciate an animal proposal?
Does she LOVE animals or wrinkle her nose at the thought of getting fur all over her outfit. If she’s loved horses her whole life or always wanted a puppy, then that could be the way to go. But if she really could care less about the animal, then just pop the question sans furry sidekick.

3) Would an animal enhance the proposal?
Sure, if you’re nervous it’s always helpful to have back-up to make you look kind, caring and suave. But remember: This is a proposal– NOT a circus. Sometimes less is more.

For this couple, they should have left the dog at home.

What do you think: Are animals worth including in a proposal?


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