Margherita Missoni is engaged!


Margherita-Missoni-white-dressThe youngest child of the very fashionable Missoni family is getting hitched! 28-year-old Margherita is marrying 26-year-old Eugenio Amos, a race car driver. The engagement is slated to last less than a year with a possible June or May wedding, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Being from a famous designer family and being a designer herself, Margherita’s engagement is spurring one main thought  in everyone’s mind: WHAT WILL SHE WEAR?

I know I’m among the many who can’t wait to see what her wedding dress will look like. I wonder if she’ll be feeling the pressure to wear something fabulous?

What do you think? Should someone pick their wedding dress based on the expectations of others?


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