Diamonds Come in Many Shapes


Fancy cuts are a hot trend right now so let’s do a recap on popular diamond cuts and shapes!

round engagement ring banner

round engagement ring since1910

The round brilliant cut diamond is still the most popular engagement ring center stone. It features 58 facets and is generally regarded as the cut that sparkles the most.

Platinum engagement ring by Since1910

princess engagement ring

Princess Karl LAgarfeld engagement ring

The princess cut has a square face that tapers down to a triangular shape. This special cut was created in the 80s. There’s less waste when cutting than for a brilliant cut so the price per carat is lower.

Platinum engagement ring by Karl Lagerfeld

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emerald Kutlar engagement ring

The emerald cut is a rectangular shape step-cut diamond, the facets are straight and parallel to each other  . As it is harder to hide imperfections because of the limited amount of facets, picking an emerald cut diamond center will require a higher budget per carat.

Platinum engagement ring by Harry Kotlar

oval engagement ring

danhov oval engagement ring

The oval cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut. It’s become a very popular cut. Mostly because of the elegance of its elongated shape and the fact that for the same carat weight as a round, it appears larger. Movals or elongated ovals are harder to find  but you should check them out too.

Platinum engagement ring by Danhov.

cushion engagement ring


cushion sylvie collection

This square-ish cut with rounded edges resembles a pillow, hence the name “cushion” cut. Cushion cut diamonds also come in elongated shapes with a rectangular ratio.

Platinum engagement ring by Sylvie Collection

heart engagement ring

danhov heart shaped engagement ring

One of the most unique and romantic cut. In order to clearly see the heart shape, you will need to buy a somewhat larger stone so keep it in mind when budgeting.

Platinum engagement ring by Danhov

marquise engagement ring

Jeffrey Daniels R6541P Marquise engagement ring

Our current favorite fancy diamond shape. It was created by a French king as a gift to his mistress, an homage paid to her lips. Marquise diamonds are cut around different ratios, elongated or juicy (the middle part is wider).

Platinum engagement ring by Jeffrey Daniels

radiant engagement ring

radiant brilliant earth

A radiant cut diamond is a squarish, and sometimes rectangular-ish, cut diamond with trimmed corners. It is a modified brilliant cut, not a step-cut.

Platinum engagement ring by Brilliant Earth

pear engagement ring

Jewels By Grace 1.27ct Antique Pear Diamond Ring engagement ring

A teardrop shaped cut with a pointed end inspired by the shape of the fruit of the same name. It usually has 58 facets and comes in different width to length rations. Like ovals, because of their elongated shape, pear diamonds appear to be larger than rounds for the same carat weight.

Platinum engagement ring by Jewels by Grace

asscher engagement ring

Kwiat_asscher17919N engagement ring

Similar to the cushion or emerald cut, but with added facets for maximum brilliance, the asscher cut is the most sophisticated and unique cut of all. It is pricey but so worth it.

Platinum engagement ring by Kwiat


Other cuts to consider for an engagement ring. 

  • Antique diamond cuts are so very special, read all about them in our interview with Jewels by Grace here.
  • Rose cut diamonds  were a popular diamond cut from the 1500s to the beginning of the 1900s. They fell out of style during the 20th century when new cuts, including the very popular brilliant cut, were created. And now they are back as a top choice for alternative engagement rings. They can be beautiful  antique finds or newly cut diamonds. The rose cut is flat at the bottom with triangular facets on top. It is a great way to get a larger center as rose cuts are wider on top for the same carat weight in comparison to a brilliant cut.
  • Kite diamonds and trillion cut diamonds are alternative options if you are looking for a very unique diamond.  Beware of their sharp edges, they are fragile. So you should pick a setting that will protect the pointy ends.
  • Lastly, designers and manufacturers are now offering new modified cuts. Our partner Christopher Designs has created a line of engagement rings featuring L’Amour Crisscut  center diamonds in popular shapes. They all appear larger than their classic cut counterparts for the same carat weight.

So many possibilities for just one ring,  good luck! Still not sure which cut or shape to pick?

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