How to Keep the Engagement Ring a Surprise


engagement-ring-shootPicking out the right engagement ring can be tricky because 1.) you want to find an engagement ring she likes, and 2.) you also have to keep it a surprise. Quite a conundrum. So how can you find out what rings she likes without giving away your whole master plan? According to jewelry designer Bergio, he advises troubled guys to watch their girlfriends carefully for hints:

Women often give clues about their preferences. Does she:
– Admire someone else’s ring while you’re in earshot? ( Or alternatively, does she dislike a specific style?)

– Linger in front of certain jewelry store windows?

– Leave magazines with jewelry pictures lying around?

– Draw your attention to a ring in some off-handed way?

Chances are she’s subtly communicating what she has in mind. (From his official blog.)

Unless you both have talked openly about buying the ring together, then the actual discussion is probably all hush-hush. The only way around it is through subtle hints to nudge the other in the right direction. Some couples might hate this game, but depending on the couple, it might work. The rule here for guys is to not make assumptions. Make sure you know what she likes before you buy the ring.

Here are some additional tips on how to find out what she likes without tipping her off:

Consult her friends. Usually her friends can tell you what kind of jewelry she likes. Take your girl’s best friend or mother along with you to the jewelry store to help you out.

What does her existing jewelry look like? What is her fashion sense? If your girl wears a lot of pricey, designer brand jewelry, then most likely she’ll want a pricey designer ring. If your girl is more laid back and doesn’t wear much jewelry, she’ll want a smaller ring that’s more on the plain side.

What does she say about other people’s rings? Did someone in your life just get engaged? Did your girlfriend say anything about the engagement ring? Did she like it? Did she hate it? She might be leaving more clues than you think. Remember to listen and don’t tune her out.

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