3 Easy (Yet Awesome!) Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Man


Maybe you’ve been dating a month or perhaps you’re ringing in your third Valentine’s Day with your favorite guy. Instead of just whipping our lingerie and making his sexual dreams come true – try one of these sweet, yet really awesome ideas to surprise your guy with a V-Day he’ll actually enjoy. (And okay, make sure to end with a sexy-something, too!)

The Way to His Heart is Food!

If you’re on a budget (or just fresh out of creative ideas), try buying some heart-shaped cookie cutters and making him a love breakfast. From heart-shaped bacon to loving cinnamon rolls and eggs in a heart basket, check out these dishes that will make him wake up happy. If he’s heading to work, pack him a heart-shaped sandwich with a love note. (And if you’re doing a low-key Valentine’s Day dinner, try heart-shaped pizza, too!)

Go Old School

Remember writing Valentine’s in elementary school? Skip the Hallmark card and make him a cute, miniature Valentine’s Day card instead. You can write something simple like “I dig you” or “You make my heart go whooa!” and attach candy. It’ll make him reminisce and he’ll love your thoughtfulness to make something handmade.

Give the Gift That Keeps Giving

Think of all the things that he hates to do: taking out the garbage, getting up to take the dog out, picking up after himself. On Valentine’s Day, give him a handmade coupon book letting him off the hook. You can also include things he loves: a night in with you, a massage, a I-will-never-have-a-headache, etc.

By Aurora Brown
Photo Credit: DaySpring

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