4 Tips to Make Him Comfortable With Your Bigger Paycheck


You’re proud of your successes: you’ve worked hard to earn the title and the salary that you do. You love your job and what you’re able to do each and every day, but your guy hasn’t been as lucky in his career. Or, he’s picked a path that’s far less lucrative than yours. Even in a difficult economical time when it’s common for a woman to be the breadwinner in a relationship, sometimes, you worry your guy will be intimidated by your income. He’d never tell you it actually mattered to him but you know it can at times. Here’s how to make him comfortable – without stepping on his ego or your relationship in your expensive high heels.


Let Him Pay for Things

When you’re aware that he’s on a stricter budget than you are, it’s easy to chirp in with: “I’ll get this, baby!” He may appreciate the offer at times, but we bet he also wants to treat his leading lady out to at least a dinner here-and-there. Even if he knows you’re more than able to cover the cost of two (and maybe some more). It’s important for men to feel like they’re taking care of the woman they love – even if it is just burgers and beers.


Suggest Things That Don’t Cost a Thing

Hey, if love doesn’t cost anything, surely you can find activities that don’t either. On a Saturday afternoon grab a jacket (and your dog if you have one) and tell your guy that you’re going on a nature scavenger hunt for spring. Or check out the newspaper in your local town to find free concerts, events and food deals. Spending time together doesn’t always have to mean spending money, and sometimes it’s even better to just enjoy each other’s company.

Have the Awkward Conversation

If you’ve been dating for a while (after six months), it’s normal to approach the awkward conversation about how much one another makes. Though he may have hinted to it before, getting numbers can help you each establish how to approach paying for things. While it may not be an easy topic to approach, once you are on the same page, it’ll be better for your relationship moving forward. Plus, one day when you’re married, you’ll have to talk about finances and this is a good stepping stone.


Don’t (Always) Buy Yourself Whatever You Want

Maybe you’ve gotten used to just buying yourself whatever you want when you want it: flowers, a new bag, groceries, that crop top from H&M. But a guy who is crazy about you will listen to those throw-away phrases you use all the time: “Ugh, those daisies are dying, I need to pick up some more,” “The lightbulb in my apartment went out last night,” – while you’re fully capable of picking those things up on your own, your guy may want to help out. And maybe even surprise you with his thoughtfulness. So if he shows up with a 50 Watt, don’t tell you already bought one – just let him rescue you. At least this once, anyway.

By Aurora Brown

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