3 Tips to Move In With Your Man – And Still Get Engaged!


Though more than half of couples do opt to share an address before tying the knot – almost every woman shares the same (very scary) fear: “What if he never proposes now that we live together?”Trust us, it can be done – it just may take some strategic planning. So take a deep breath (and try to ignore the toilet seat that’s left up for the hundredth time this week) and follow these tips:

Before You Sign the Lease – Sign On With Him

Okay, so you probably won’t literally sign a document with him stating that you’ll eventually get married, but when you’re talking about huge commitments and financial decisions that will effect both of your lives (and um, credit scores), it’s prime time to talk about other future-thinking topics. Like marriage! When you’re comparing your savings, incomes, assets and everything else, bring up the fact that one day, you’d like joint accounts. And that you’d one day like to get married. You should be very clear that a leasing agreement is just that – a temporary term before you buy something and say “I do.”

Don’t Test Him

Living together can be a very eye-opening experience for you and your guy – you will see how one another lives on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you leave your clothes laying around the room and never remember to put the cap back onto the toothpaste. He could be a total neat freak who makes his bed perfectly every morning and prefers a modern décor. There will be things you disagree about and petty fights you’ll have, but considering those tests of your relationship is a bad idea. Since there is less commitment pre-marriage, it’s easy to let those little annoying things cloud the bigger picture: your relationship and the reasons you fall in love. Yes, it’s great that you can work out your household issues but they shouldn’t determine if your relationship is successful or a failure.

Make Sure to Enjoy It

Coming home to him every night. Eating dinner together. Snuggling in bed, reading a book and having a sexy night cap. And the best part – not worrying about your piling laundry at home, the apartment you haven’t cleaned in weeks, the produce going bad in the fridge. Living together is an exciting time in your relationship where you take the next step and grow even closer to each other. By taking the time to slow down, stop analyzing and savor the period, you’re showing your guy how easily you can adapt to new situations. And maybe just how wonderful it is to have someone else around all the time (especially one who makes an apple pie like you do and remembers dry cleaning). Who knows, he may just like it enough to make sure you never leave.

By Aurora Brown

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  1. Monica says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years, the past 3 we have been living together. We already have joint bank accounts, eat dinner together, and basically are married without being married. Reading this article was basically describing us to the T! Everytime I bring up marriage he gets uncomfortable saying “you are supposed to know and he doesn’t know” he keeps saying “things are perfect the way they are, why change them” he honestly loves me and doesn’t want me to leave, but I don’t know how to convice him of a ring!

  2. sarah says:

    Are you guys still together? I think he is getting a sweet deal. The fact he isn’t sure & especially after 5yrs is a real alarm Bell. I would start being really independent in everything you do. Don’t be so really available to hang out with him. Don’t be mean about it or spiteful, but that’s what I would do-in fact I intend to take this advice on myself too. Good luck!

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