5 Pandemic Proposal Trends Couples Are Embracing


Love is not and cannot be cancelled! We all know it but it is even more obvious witnessing the leap of faith so many couples have decided to take during these strange times. After spending more time together, people all across the US and the world have decided to propose earlier than they had planned. They are more than ever absolutely sure that they have found their person. Due to the “Stay at Home” confinement, there are some limitations on how grand and picturesque proposals can be, but love always finds a way.

Here are the 5 Quarantine proposal trends we are witnessing  in these times of Covid 19

Puppy Proposals

Dogs are family, they provide both an excuse to get to a proposal location or can take on the role of ring and message bearers. It is the #1 trend we have witnessed in the past month. Good boys and girls are making pandemic proposals super special!

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❤ one happy family. #pandemicproposal

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Hard to decide whose smile is the best…

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Today Dad dressed us up…. then Mom started crying and then they wouldn’t stop kissing…..Humans are weird. ❤️🐶🐶💍 #Algalwaysandforever #NadianeverBenbetter #coronaengagement #pitbullfamily

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Putting doggies to work!

Picnic Proposals

Whether it happens during a hike or at night in a wooded area, these type of proposals are super romantic and perfect for Spring weather.

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We usually don’t share weddings but this one is very special! This couple got their rings at @baribaultjewelers jewelers and decided on a #pandemicproposal instead of waiting to get married this Summer. Thanks for sharing your story @yanks02 . #loveisnotcancelled “We were engaged last August, I hit her with a Dirty Dancing themed surprise. We decided this past Monday that after 8 years together, we wanted to marry now instead of waiting to do it at the lake in Maine this 4th of July. Soooo we arranged our certificate, picked up our bands, my friend is a JP, grocery store flowers, aquired donated dress from her friend andddd on Wednesday we hike up to our favorite spot! What u see here are our Wedding pix!! It was a special day and received the reaction we expected. Getting married on April 1 during a time of social distancing. No headaches of who to invite, caterers, spending huge dollars when in the end it was only about us in our love. Walked spending about $100 total and we will Honeymoon in Cancun when the world is reset and healthy again.” #engagement101 #engaged #married #wedding #bride #groom #fiance #wedidit #coronawedding #coronaweddings #weddinginspiration #weddingideas #couplegoals #love #myperson #forever #shestheone #intimatewedding

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This is actually a wedding but cool idea for a proposal too!

This proposal is so romantic, the lights, the blankets, the mysterious woods…

Backyard proposals

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard or even just a terrace, they can become the perfect location for your proposal.

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The best Anniversary surprise… We’re ENGAGED!! 💍💍💍⛪️

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Make it fancy with a view and a beautiful sunset

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Said yes to the rest of my life with the love of my life last night. We’re engaged y’all!!💘💍✨ #coronaproposal

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Date night in your backyard can become proposal night

Home Scavenger Hunt proposal

These 2 couples are great examples of what you can pull off wither at home or during a car ride.

Breakfast Coffee and a proposal? I say yes!

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Any fans of #parksandrec ? @jess_metalrn organised a #scavengerhunt proposal that would have made #leslieknope proud. Don’t you think so @amypoehlersmartgirls ? Jonathan said yes! “I sent him to three places: our first date, first kiss, and first staycation. Then the clues brought him back to the house where I had another note talking about how much I love him and then opened up the box of cupcakes that had the proposal. I’ve just always felt like I was the lucky one. And instead of waiting around or hinting for him to propose…I felt like I should be the one to do it.” #engagement101 #proposetoo #reverseproposal #daretoaskhim #proposetohim #sheaskedhesaidyes #womenproposing #womenempowerment #newcouplegoals #engaged #weareengaged

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They are both fans of Park and Recs so she emulated Leslie Knope iconic scavenger hunt

Casual Bedroom or Elaborate Living Room Proposals

Things don’t have to be complicated, pick a spot in your home and it will become super special to your relationship forever and ever…

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Love this lovely at home proposal in times of quarantine! Congratulations @mattoswalt2 and @mikalmclendon. Mikal proposed with a collage of meaningful pictures, candles, flower petals and a beautiful ring. • “And I said “hey what ya doing for the rest of your life?” 🥰👨‍❤️‍👨💍 #engagement101 #justengaged #hesaidyes #engaged #fiances #husbandtobe #loveislove #loveconquersall #pandemicproposal #quarantineproposal #marryme #willyoumarryme #hesaidyes

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Home is where the heart is

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He didn’t even have to ask !💍💍 #ENGAGED #coronaproposal

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There you go! These are all fun but we can’t wait to see what YOU are going to do and how you are going to propose! We can’t wait to share your story.


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