When Your Sister is a Jeweler



Katie and Bob

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The Proposal

Vacationing to Yosemite National Park. I was suspicious about the proposal because I kind of found out accidentally he was going to propose just unsure of when, he threw me way off! Just doing the tourist thing we were in Mariposa Grove taking pictures and he turned to me and said “ I love you, will you marry me” while pulling a ring out of his pocket! I said “ yes” and now I have the most beautiful ring! I’m engaged to my best friend and we’re both very excited for the future!

The Ring

Bob’s sister Brittany is in the jewelry business. She co-owns Gem Steady with her husband Robert. It’s always exciting to make engagement rings for couples, but even more so when it’s for a family member! “When my brother called and told me he was ready to pop the question I knew we needed to make this ring really special. He (like a lot of guys) had no idea where to begin or even what style he wanted to go with, so I did what any good sister would do and tricked his girlfriend into telling me! To find out her favorite diamond shape I posted a diagram of all the different cuts and asked my followers to tell me which they would choose. This ploy worked like a charm. Not 5 minutes later she had left a comment stating that  a pear shape! Ta-da! I then worked for several weeks to procure the perfect pear shape diamond, and ultimately we decided on a stunning 1.06ct D-E color VS rose cut. Definitely one of the most beautiful diamonds we have worked with so far. I designed the ring to be combination of a traditional-modern/antique aesthetic which was then hand fabricated in a mix of platinum and 14k white gold by my husband, here in the Gem Steady studio. I was able to slightly hand the ring off to my brother when he came to visit us in San Francisco, and he proposed underneath a redwood tree the next day on a hike in Yosemite.”

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