5 Creative Christmas Proposal Ideas



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Looking for a way to pop the question on Christmas Day?

Here are 5 ideas to help you plan the perfect proposal



1. Custom Ornament

Make your proposal extra special by making an ornament yourself. Remember those dough ornaments you could make as a kid, with your handprint on it or something? Well, instead of putting your handprint carve the words, “Will You Marry Me?” and draw a ring. When you decorate the tree you can hand it to her all wrapped, or you can sneak it on her tree and make sure she sees it when you’re there. Have the ring handy and drop to one knee either way when she sees it! And if you’re not that crafty, no worries, you can order a beautiful custom made ornament from Etsy



2. Ring in an ornament

Create an ornament ring box yourself or find a crafty one on Etsy: they have anything from a small Santa to a discreet red star you would never guess could hide anything. You can hang the ornament on the tree and never have her suspect until the time is right. Or if the point is for the ornament to stand out, hang this gorgeous silver ring box for her to find. Just make sure you hang it high in a house that might have little hands or paws that could find the surprise before you want her to!



3. Make the ring the ornament

This is risky, but if you do it in the moment you should have nothing to worry about. Tie the ring to a pretty ribbon or festive string and put it on the tree in a spot she’s not going to miss it. Maybe she goes to the bathroom and you mention how you were admiring her ornaments and point out where the ring is. Talk about a sparkling surprise on the tree!



4. At the farm

 Go to the Christmas tree farm before you go together and have the employee put the ring in a very special place. This will take a lot of trust, of course. You could also put the ring on the tree right after you pick it and tell her to inspect it one more time before you buy it! This is ideal for pictures, too!



5. Early Present

After decorating the tree, whether you celebrate with eggnog or some wine, put the ring under the tree and tell her you think she should get to open a present early. Make sure to disguise the box if you don’t want it to be apparent right away what’s happening!


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