Amazing Firefighter Proposal


Marcella and Walter

How They Met


We met through Our first date lasted a good portion of a day shortly after connecting online. We were both walking/riding in the local Coast Guard kids parade, so touched base before the parade began and made plans to hang out later in the day. During our walk on the pier later, the fire pager went off (twice!) for different medical/fire calls. I learned fast the life of a fire wife!

firefighter proposal

The Proposal

In August we were on vacation at Sandals White House in Jamaica. There are all kinds of ‘perks’ we get since we’ve logged so many trips with Sandals, so a private sunset lit beach dinner during the week on the itinerary did not surprise me. The day before Walt went to get a RedBull from the resort store and came back to the room saying the concierge caught him on the way to verify the menu for dinner…unknown to me, Walt stopped in to plan the proposal!!


firefighter proposal spring

The day of the proposal I went to my spa appointment for a coffee wrap and massage (I thought randomly scheduled for that afternoon) while Walt ‘took a nap’. Later I found out Walt spent the time trying to figure out how to get the ring down there without me knowing (the box in his shoe didn’t quite work!). Getting ready for dinner the same as usual I asked Walt a few times if he got a good nap in or if he had hurt himself down at the pool earlier, he kept pacing and was stiff when getting his shirt on. I brushed it off quickly.


proposal getaway

On our way to dinner Walt blew off the photographer (a constant occurrence on the resort) as usual and told him to come back as the sun set. We had an amazing dinner of lobster tails and fruit salad (all inclusive is the way to go!) while enjoying our sweet waitress and the spectacular view.


firefighter proposal engagement spring


Once done eating the waitress asked Walt if we were ready for dessert. He responded yes, as she went to get the food I told him I thought it was odd she asked him but that must be a cultural thing. All while the photographer is showing back up at the same time. The dessert plates were decorated with chocolate art and the word congratulations! I started telling Walt how gorgeous the script on the plate was written as he starts pulling me up from the table to take sunset pictures. “We don’t want to miss the best color tonight!” I wanted to try the amazing dessert! The photographer kept shooting a bunch and apologizing for having to mess with the flash so much while I asked Walt a few times “Why are you standing so far away from me if we’re taking photos together?” “Why do you need to retie your shoes its a photo!?” Which quickly morphed into a very surprised “Walter Weldon! What are you doing!!” Apparently I said it 2 or 3 times! At this point I finally put all of the pieces together and the photographer never stopped taking pictures. So much so that there is a photo of me with hands on hips asking Walt about being so far away, the surprise and repeating myself, as well as the final tears, yes, ring on hand and breakdown afterwards! Then of course I found out nearly everyone on resort knew that tonight was the night! Not only did he keep it from me well, but so did everyone else too!

The Engagement Ring

firefigther engagement ring

The ring has a square diamond set on an angle with a pave band that looks like woven strands.

Photo Credit: Brenda Hoffman Photography

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