9 Proposals Ideas for the Outdoorsy Couple



1 – Be One With Nature

Is she outdoorsy? Has a sense of adventure? Go on a sunrise hike at the crack of dawn, or wait until the evening sunset. Propose under the picturesque backdrop with a picnic waiting for her at the top of the mountain. See more picnic proposal ideas >>

2 – Propose at the Gym

Going to the gym with her is a great excuse to spend more time together. At some point, tell her you need her help to get healthier. When she asks what can she do, give her a speech about how research shows people who get married are healthier. It’ll throw her off guard until you get down on one knee and propose. See more sporty proposal ideas >>

3 – Horseback Riding Adventure

Horse drawn carriages are pretty romantic, but why not take it up a notch by taking both of you on a romantic horseback riding adventure? It doesn’t matter the terrain because it’s all romantic. See more horseback proposal ideas >>

4 – Plant a Tree Together

Spring time? Planting a tree is so romantic, but it’s also the setting for the most perfect, sentimental proposal yet. Tell her how you want your relationship to grow over the years and you can’t wait to one day picnic in the shade of this tree. See more tree-themed proposal ideas >>

5 – Romantic Rowboat Ride

Strategically place musicians on top of a bridge you’ll pass under so just as you guys glide through the water near the bridge, the musician will start playing your song. At that moment, pop the question. Why not have your family and friends toss flower petals over the edge to shower you with for extra sweetness? If proposing ON the water isn’t good enough for you, read about underwater proposal ideas >>

6 – Take Her to a Butterfly Garden

Arrange for a photo shoot where butterflies are placed on you! Have it set up so a huge butterfly release occurs the second you pop the question. When she says “Yes!” she’ll be thrilled to have an engagement photo shoot right on the property with butterflies to share her limelight with. See more garden proposal ideas >>

7 – Wish on a Shooting Star

Do your research to find out where and when to be to see the best meteor shower, and take turns making wishes on shooting stars. When it’s your turn, tell her that your biggest wish is for her to be your wife. See more star gazing proposal ideas >>

8 – Go Camping

There’s something purely romantic about being one with nature. Maybe it’s the sunrises and s’mores (or maybe it’s the cuddling in a sleeping bag), but there are plenty of moments to propose while camping. See more camping proposal ideas >>

9 – Jump out of an Airplane

Whether she’s waiting on the ground for you or jumping out of the plane with you, this thrill-seeking approach will be burned in her mind forever. If you’re jumping with her, make it so you can hold a sign! See more adventurous proposal ideas >>

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