3 Halloween Proposal Ideas


Halloween is almost here and if you’re dating someone who enjoys a good scare or really loves candy, maybe this is the time to propose! Here are three ideas.



1. In Costume. Agree to dress up as anything she wants– from Prince Charming to a Pokemon character, perhaps she has this romanticized idea of going to a party or handing out candy as a certain couple. So, go with it. Better yet, plan the costumes to go along with the proposal– make suggestions based on her favorite movie, play, hobbies or whatever you have. When the time is right, propose to her in a way that fits the costume (or at least make it super romantic).

2. Sweet Tooth. Handing out some candy? Have her get a certain bag from the cabinet, or tell her there’s more in a certain bowl. Instead of candy, let her stumble upon her engagement ring or something that asks the question for you. Even a sign in a bowl could lead her in the right direction of you kneeling on one knee. Just don’t hide the ring in a big bowl of candy– it may take longer than a day for her to find it, and you don’t want the night spoiled.

3. With Family. Whether it’s a party or you convince your parents to drop by as “trick-or-treaters”, include those closest to you. Go to a haunted house, a corn maze, or something festive and have your families waiting in a designated spots with jack-o-lanterns and champagne. There’s nothing better than sharing this moment with those closest to you now and who will be your greatest support through your marriage.


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