4 Last Minute Fall Proposal Ideas


There is truly no sweeter season to fall in love than Autumn. With bright leaves and chilly temperatures that welcome sweaters (and arms around you shoulder), there’s something about these few, short months that can turn even the least romantic men into Romeos. Though he’ll probably be glued to the TV for football season on Sundays and Mondays, the rest of the week is all yours – and the date ideas are really endless. Here are four of our favorite fall date ideas that will make you head-over-boots all over again.


1 – Apple Picking

Though your guy might not suggest this idea, he’ll be surprised by how fun this easy date is: just drive to a local orchard and pick apples! It requires teamwork to reach and climb ladders and you’ll have fun trying to find some ripe ones to take home. Most places let you bring home a bag for a small fee that includes the picking adventure, and you can use them to make something your leading man will surely love almost as he loves you: an apple pie!

2  – Country Drive

Take advantage of the scenery by taking a long drive on a Saturday to look at the changing leaves. Pack a fun picnic and park somewhere that’s Instagram-worthy for photos of you and your handsome dude. The best part about this date is that it’s basically free and leaves plenty of privacy for some kissing along the route.

3 – Beer Garden or Winery Tour

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of a good brew, it’s the ideal time to test your tastebuds. Suggest a full-day of munching on German-themed goodies and check out a local pub with an Oktoberfest special. Seasonal beers are probably one of your man’s favorite things and it’s a fun, relaxed setting to get a little tipsy and mingle with new friends. And once you impress him with your beer day suggestion, kindly bring up just how much fun a winery tour in the mountains would be fun the following weekend.

4 – Staycation

Find a little town (or a big one) near your hometown and go exploring. With the weather not being too hot or too cold, it’ll be fun to venture into a place you’ve never been before. If you can afford it, get a hotel room together for a night, just to shake things up. You never know, it could be such a good trip that he brings you back to pop a very important question next year.

By Aurora Brown

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