The Best Way to Pop the Question: From a Really Big Sign to a Friendly Game


Whether you’re rooting for the same team or glaring sweetly at each other while donning opposing team jerseys, you’re that fun, competitive couple who looks forward to sporting events like a kid waiting for Santa.

The Classic Approach

The Big sign

While sometimes overdone, for the right lady, this classic approach is just what she needs. Score tickets to the sporting event you and her have been DYING to go to and arrange to ask her with a REALLY big sign. This could be the Jumbotron, a blimp, a sky writer or even fellow fans you find in qa crowd who are willing to hold up “Will you marry me” signs. Extra point if it’s the actual players holding the signs. Be careful not to make this cheesy and be positive this is the sort of thing your lady would like before attempting such a public proposal.

Modern Idea

The Friendly Game

Plan for a day with lots of friends, barbecue and game of soccer, football, rugby (or any sport you like).  All your friends would love to be part of this day, especially since there’s food involved. Make sure she plays on the other team, or if she prefers to sit on the sidelines and cheer you on, that’s ok too. Tell both teams that they need to come up with some sort of “half-time show.” You’ll need to either make or order customs jerseys for your team with one or two letters on each shirt spelling “Will you marry me?” Keep the players scrambled as they play. She won’t even notice since she’ll think you’re just being weird having “W” on someone’s jersey instead of number 5. At the half-time show, have the other team go first. Then when it’s your turn, do a song, dance, or chant that somehow honors your girl and end it with all your friends finally getting in orderm revealing the message on their shirts. She’ll never see it coming!

Photo by Acromatico Photography

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