Engagement 101 Magazine 2023


It is with great pleasure that we are presenting to you the second issue of our  Engagement 101 Mini-Mags dedicated to men’s and unisex commitment jewelry.

The question of gender roles has been a catalyst for social changes since the Suffragette movement. In our Romance and Jewelry world, we are at the forefront of societal changes, as couples usually commit to each other with jewelry for the first time in their 20s or 30s. 20% of Generation Z identify as LGBTQ+. Most Zoomers believe that a well lived life is a life lived authentically as your true self. Millennial couples place gender equality at the core of what makes their relationship successful.

As an editor, it’s been exciting to see all these changes impact the traditional way couples propose to each other. We might even have played a small part in moving along some of these changes. We embrace 120% the reverse proposal movement. We are so excited to see wives upgrading their husbands’ wedding bands. Gay men are putting together such lavish and meaningful proposals. Men’s commitment jewelry brands are using new metals and are getting creative with beautiful ring inlays. Designers are making engagement rings for a wide spectrum of people. We see some pieces with bold masculine energy, others with a dark or light feminine vibe, and more and more gender-free options. This issue is for everyone, including manly men who don’t care about jewelry that much. Enjoy!

Severine Ferrari, EIC



Men's issue-2






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