Romantic and Irreverent Punk and Goth Jewelry


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This trend piece is inspired by my experience producing the movie Punk’s Dead : SLC Punk 2 . They are so many talented jewelry designers of alternative jewelry pieces. When we shoot for Engagement 101 Magazine, we only need samples for a couple of days. For movies, because of consistency, you need to hold on to the wardrobe pieces during the length of the shoot. You might need them again for pick ups or re-shoots. It was unfortunately impossible to borrow designer pieces for the length of time of the movie shoot. Designers usually just have one sample that needs to travel to stores and trade shows. We were lucky to be able to style one of the characters played by James Duval with spectacular sterling silver Scott Kay pieces.


Though not a punk myself,  I researched for this project the punk and goth ethos and culture. The Goth movement was inspired by the cult of love and death in the Victorian era with Horror elements. This subculture now includes a lot of different and fascinating subdivisions. Punks are anti-establishment and hate to conform. They have a great sense of humor, very irreverent. True punks are DIY artists making their own jewelry and clothes.

1 Catherine Angiel Alternative Diamond Wedding Band engagement riing (3)1 – This band designed by Catherine Angiel is very Gothic rock . It spells LOVE like a tattoo and features a cross detail.

2 Catherine Angiel unique rose gold gothic engagement ring (3) ring

2 – Love this vintage inspired engagement ring with Victorian accents, also by Catherine Angiel.

3 Silver Vampire Diana 1 (3) engagement ring

3 – One of the Goth subdivisions is fascinated by vampires and suffering for love. This ring designed by Wendy Brandes is a perfect fit.

not to be fucked with rings anna sheffield

4 – Punks can be rude to show their anti-conformism. These bands by Anna Sheffield are very punk rock.

Jewelry by Wendy Brandes photographed by John Muggenborg.

5 – The idea of recycling barbwire to make DIY jewelry is very punk. This band from Wendy Brandes is a work of art and unlike real barbwire, will not hurt you.

Check out the awesome wardrobe of the characters of Punk’s Dead : SLC Punk 2, played by James Duval, Adam Pascal, Michael Goorjian, Devon Sawa, Sarah Clarke, Machine Gun Kelly, Hannah Marks, Ben Schnetzer.punks-dead

You can watch the movie online or get your own DVD here:

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