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We caught up with Sylvie and her son, Gary Levine, just in time for Vegas Jewelry Week, and their brand’s meteoric rise is nothing short of dazzling. Over the past few years, while other bridal brands have been struggling, they’ve taken the jewelry world by storm. In 2024 alone, Sylvie unveiled two exquisite bridal collections  and is poised to debut a striking men’s bridal line and eight stunning new fine jewelry collections at JCK Las Vegas in a few weeks. This momentous expansion is the culmination of relentless passion, hard work and visionary creativity.

Sylvie and Gary, I’ve always admired Sylvie’s prolific creativity in designing new bridal styles year after year. However, 2024 feels particularly special with the introduction of your new signature Shell Iconelle design and the Tulira collection. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time you’ve named your collections. Before we dive into the details of these exciting new designs, what inspired you to create these distinct collections and release them now?

The decision to introduce the Shell Iconelle and Tulira collections reflects Sylvie’s ongoing commitment to pushing the perceived boundaries of bridal jewelry design. These collections represent a transition from the traditional or classic, to the bold, trend-forward styles that modern couples are seeking. Sylvie understands that an engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a personal symbol that celebrates a new life or journey. Couples can personalize their chosen designs to match their preferences in diamond shapes, metal types, and intricate detailing, making each ring a one-of-a-kind piece. For those who would like to view our collections, Sylvie’s engagement rings and fine jewelry are available through our expansive network of authorized retailers. We pride ourselves on partnering with fine jewelers who provide world class service expert guidance when it comes to Sylvie pieces. To find the nearest location or to schedule a private consultation, couples can visit our website and use our store locator feature.

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The Shell Iconelle appears to be both a captivating design concept and a functional innovation for ensuring engagement rings fit perfectly on the finger. Could you elaborate on the inspiration behind this design and how it enhances the wearability of your rings?

Introducing Shell Iconelle marked a significant leap forward for our brand, pioneering a creation that distinctly embodies the Sylvie look and underpinning our leading presence in the world of fine jewelry today. Each piece within this collection boasts our iconic shell logo delicately traced along the contours of the profile, seamlessly fusing our brand identity with exquisite craftsmanship. It’s a feat few jewelry designers have accomplished—bringing their brand icon to life as a tangible design element within each piece. With Shell Iconelle, we’ve achieved just that. These creations are quintessentially Sylvie, yet they offer a personalized touch, allowing individuals to tailor their selection by adding diamond accents, combining design elements from various pieces in the collection, or fusing various precious metal types and colors into one piece.

With respect to fit, all Sylvie jewelry is designed to fit comfortably on the body and flush if wearing multiple Sylvie rings. This is virtually the case across our entire selection. Sylvie Jewelry is Sylvie Levine’s namesake jewelry brand. As a female designer and daily wearer of bridal and fine diamond jewelry, Sylvie makes intuitive, astute design decisions that end up more comfortable for her end wearers than the typical piece of jewelry found in a jewelry store.

Why are two-toned ring popular and the core of the Shell Iconelle drop?

Two-toned engagement rings have shown increasing popularity across our portfolio of designs, reflecting what we believe to be a broader trend in the jewelry industry. The allure lies in the versatility and visual appeal these pieces offer when worn.

For Shell Iconelle, two-tone designs took center stage in some of our initial unveilings of the pieces in the collection. The two-tone pieces, particularly the white and yellow gold combination, added a level of dimension that stood out in an incredibly special way. It is, however, essential to note that Shell Iconelle is defined by or exclusive to two-tone pieces. Many creations within Shell Iconelle feature single-toned designs, offering a range of options to suit individual preferences and styles.



The Tulira collection is a fresh direction for Sylvie, and I absolutely adore the nature-inspired designs. What was the inspiration behind this new collection? Do you envision Tulira becoming a permanent part of Sylvie’s legacy, or is it intended to be a limited edition drop?

The inspiration behind our newest collection, Tulira, is deeply rooted in the enchanting beauty of the Belgian and Dutch springtime, a cherished memory from Sylvie’s childhood. It was years in the making. The vibrant tulips and other local flora that bloom fleetingly during this season serve as the core inspiration for this collection.

Tulira represents a contemporary interpretation of bridal jewelry, seamlessly blending authentic elements of nature with modern design aesthetics, many of which are distinct to the Sylvie brand. Its debut marks a significant addition to Sylvie’s bridal jewelry selection, and will undoubtedly form part of our brand’s evergreen collections (pun intended 😉). We’re thrilled to announce that Tulira will not be a limited drop. In fact, we’re launching a special capsule collection of Tulira fine jewelry, one small collection of many fine jewelry collections set to make their debut at Luxury and JCK in 2024.

The new 2024 ad and creative campaigns are a refreshing shift, focusing on empowered, beautiful women rather than couples, and they have a tastefully sexy vibe that I absolutely love. I often find single couple representations limiting as they can’t capture the diversity of relationships. What inspired you to spotlight individual women in these campaigns?

Our 2024 advertising campaigns celebrate the rich dimensionality shared between the Sylvie brand and modern women, natural beauty, and the essence of our new designs.

For Shell Iconelle, our focus was on showcasing the strength and individuality of women, breaking away from the traditional portrayal of couples in bridal jewelry ads. We wanted to highlight the iconic energy and enduring legacy of the Sylvie brand, resonating with the trailblazers, icons, and It-Girls of all generations. Our Tulira campaign evoked feelings of freedom and a free spirit, embracing the inner beauty of women and nature. Together, these campaigns celebrate the diversity of women’s experiences and identities, empowering them to embrace their individuality and feel confident in their own skin, particularly when wearing Sylvie.

As we gear up for Vegas Jewelry Week 2024, starting at the end of May, can we anticipate more exciting drops and surprises?

Luxury and JCK 2024 marks the beginning of a new era for Sylvie Jewelry. At the trade show, we are offering an exclusive first look at two new product categories: fine jewelry and men’s wedding bands. Our debut of fine jewelry collections will comprise eight distinct collections that each offer their own unique approach to modern, trend-forward fine jewelry. Sylvie’s Men’s Wedding Band collections will feature new designs, patterns, and textures original to Sylvie and positioned to offer trends in men’s fine jewelry, a growing and dynamic category of jewelry.

We can’t wait to discover and share with our audience some of the new Sylvie designs launching in a few weeks! Make sure to follow Engagement 101 , Sylvie Jewelry and JCK on Instagram!

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