Super Bowl Proposal Ideas


The playoffs are happening and then it’s on to the Super Bowl. If you’re football fans, there could be nothing better than proposing during this awesome end-of-the-season ultimate game (especially if your team is in it)! So how do you do that? Here are three ideas!

1. Go to the Game.

Obviously the ultimate dream would be to score tickets to the Super Bowl and attend the game. During a big play, or whenever you have a clear moment, ask her to marry you! The atmosphere of a football game is like none other, and I can only imagine what it’s like at the Super Bowl. Want to go above and beyond? Make a sign that you won’t let her see, or paint it on your stomach. Football fans are into that thing, right?

2. Host a party.

Have a super bowl party with your closest friends and family and then propose when the time is ripe. There’s nothing like enjoying the game, having those that mean the closest to you there, and ending the night with a win– even if it’s not your team’s victory!

3. Make a play.

Go to a party that you planned but had someone else host. Rent an outdoor theatre and find a way to stream the game. Go to your favorite spot and have something set up for the proposal. Plan something that is enjoyable but ends with an outstanding play.


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