Girl “Stumbles Upon” her proposal


stumbleupon proposal
Most girls yell at their guys to get off the computer and do something romantic for a change (I know I have). But in this day and age, geeky guys are taking romance to their home turf—Online.

In fact, it’s “all the rage.” Cyber proposals are hardly new anymore. We’ve all heard of the Twitter proposal and the Groupon guy. Techie men have even used Foursquare and Google Maps to make scavenger hunts.

Been there. Done that. You can’t really “tweet” your sweety anymore and expect her to rave about your creativity. If it’s online—it’s HAS to be new and exciting.

Well a new cyber frontier has been blazed. One lucky girl STUMBLED UPON her proposal.

Marquita Arguello’s boyfriend actually emailed StumbleUpon’s Support Team pitching his idea back in August. He knew it was a long shot, but this time the long shot actually worked.

StumbleUpon agreed to rig Marquita’s account to lead her to a proposal website created by her boyfriend, Tim Hartman.

Of course the Internet is hardly perfect so technical difficulties arose postponing the proposal for half an hour. But like all good things, it was worth the wait. Check out the video!

What are your thoughts on online proposals: Super Cute or Super Dorky?


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