QR Code Marriage Proposal



Everyone’s familiar with QR Codes aka those black bar code things you see on print advertisements that can be “read” by snapping its photo with a cell phone. Most people don’t think much of them, but one guy decided to take QR codes to the next level and use them in an elaborate marriage proposal.

Jerry Harrison wanted his proposal to girlfriend Angie to be special, so he created a custom QR Code using a QR generator and then printed the code on romantic heart stickers. He then placed the stickers along a river walk area near his home. After he lured Angie to the river walk he then pointed out the QR stickers to her. Once she scanned the code with her phone the video below popped up.

“She teared up within the first three seconds,” Jerry told 2d code. “SHE SAID YES!!” Watch the touching proposal video below:

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