Same Sex Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings


Those who are in a same-sex relationship might be wondering what type of options are available for them for wedding rings and engagement rings. Most matching sets have a “feminine” ring and a “masculine” ring, which can be a problem. Plus, some gay and lesbian couples would rather have rings that look  similar but are not exactly the same.

Fortunately there are several designers who create matching wedding rings that are perfect for same-sex couples. Below are a few of our favorites:

Rony Tennenbaum offers several matching engagement and wedding rings that are especially made for same-sex couples. Their newest LVOE collection consists of gorgeous bands in yellow and white gold with the word “LVOE” on them. (The misspelling is deliberate, the reasoning being that “love is love no matter how you spell it.”)


Christian Bauer also makes beautiful wedding ring sets that are perfect for same-sex couples. The rings are similar but different, and we particularly like this yellow gold and platinum set with a peekaboo diamond.


And since we posted so many yellow/white rings, here’s something a little different. These black ceramic and diamond rings from Etienne Perret are perfect for those who want something a little unique. The rings might look the same, but the band on the right has a slightly smaller diamonds.

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