Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Proposals and Engagement Rings


It’s Election Day! One of these ladies will be our first lady for the next 4 years. We are not interested in talking about politics in this blog -make sure you vote though- just love and rings.  Michelle Obama wears a classic round cut engagement ring. As for her proposal story? According to the Huffington Post, Barack took Michelle for a romantic candlelight diner and the engagement ring came with the desert!

Michelle Obama was also seen wearing a beautiful round cocktail ring in place of her engagement ring. Check it out!

Ann Romney wears a classic eternity wedding band. Apparently, Mitt proposed to her after only two months of dating, when they were teenagers! (Well, he didn’t really had a ring for her at this point.) She said yes but they waited a few years and Mitt proposed again, with a ring this time!

Want Michelle Obama engagement ring or cocktail ring style?



Looking for an eternity band like Ann Romney’s?


Images via: Radaronline, MiaDonna, UsMagazine

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