3 ways to propose in a hospital


Let’s face it… hospitals aren’t the happiest places in the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have happy moments there. Get this, some guys actually propose in hospitals and get the “YES” they want. Think about it: it’s the perfect way to surprise a bride-to-be by popping the question (I mean…who expects a hospital proposal?). Here are three ways to propose in the hospital.

If you’re visiting someone together…
Sometimes you have to go visit a family member in the hospital, like grandma in this scenario. Of course grandma means the world to her so you’re going to want to go with her to support her and show how much family means to you. This guy plans his proposal so grandma can watch. Girl didn’t even see it coming.

If your girlfriend works at a hospital…
Working at a hospital can be stressful, but this guy completely surprised his nurse girlfriend with a great proposal. She was prepping for ER (or what she thought would be a situation) and he was all dressed up in the surgeon garb with his back to her. She didn’t even notice he was in the room. Skip ahead to the one minute mark to see her reaction.

If your girlfriend is a patient in the hospital…

Obviously she’s probably having a pretty crumby time, so you should do something over the top. This guy proposes to his girlfriend who had just had his baby. It’s a very long proposal, but very sweet. The new momma and bride-to-be was crying the whole way through. First he had nurses one-by-one go in and deliver a rose to his lady, reading a card about what love is. Then around minute 9:30, a male nurse comes in and starts singing a love song, which then prompts Casanova, who is wearing a a pretty snazzy suit, to walk in and get down on one knee to propose.

What do you think: Would you propose in a hospital?


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