Is Taking Pictures of Your Engagement Ring Tacky?


monica-engagement-ringKristi Gustafson, a writer over at Times Union, has a bone to pick with people who take tacky pictures of themselves and then post them on Twitter. Some of the tacky behaviors she lists are people who take pictures of themselves shirtless in the bathroom (with the toilet seat up), people who take pictures of themselves holding cash, and people who take pictures of their engagement, wedding ring.

I agree that bathrooms are not an attractive setting for shirtless shots, and flashing cash around just shows that you’re not use to having any, but is taking pictures of your engagement ring really that tacky? After announcing the engagement, it seems appropriate to also post a picture of the ring so friends and family can see it, especially those friends who don’t live near you and, most likely, were the ones pestering you to post pictures of the ring in the first place. Now obviously I’m incredibly biased, but what do you guys think? Is tweeting pictures of your engagement ring tacky?

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  1. allie says:

    I’m sure there are some people out there who are posting pictures of their rings only so that they can brag about the size of the diamond or something, but I think for most people it’s just to announce the engagement and be all giddy about getting a new ring, etc. Plus, EVERYONE wants to see the ring anyway. It’s just a way to announce the engagement. It’s no different than showing off your new ring at work or something. The only difference is that it’s being done online.

  2. Ally says:

    Yes, of course it’s tacky. End of discussion.

  3. Puhhhlease says:

    In defense of the bling-shot:

    Since the beginning of De beers propaganda, women have been showing off their rings. Social networking sites are just the newest way to do so.

    You know what I think is TACKY? Not being happy for people who are excited about things like this, and nit-picking how they express their happiness. I mean really, when did we get so mean??

  4. Puhhhlease says:

    ..furthermore: I ENJOY seeing the ring of the woman in the photo! It’s beautiful, and she looks happy.

    Buncha’ Debbie-downers. Hrmph.

  5. remmy7 says:

    I personally think it is poor taste and very tacky! I am all for someone posting on their blog or facebook or whatever the case may be that they are engaged and how happy they are… I would be most happy for them too! It is a piece of jewelry and nothing more. It does not define how much you love a person or how much they love you….whatever happened to expressing how much you really love someone and not all of this materialistic bullshit?

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