Harrison Ford, Paris Hilton engaged; Mischa Barton, Robert Pattinson remain dateless

From <i>People</i>
From People

Did I say celebrity engagement week, because I meant celebrity engagement month. Maybe it’s just that time of the year (hey, it is spring after all), but lately it seems like every celebrity couple is tying the knot. Harrison Ford finally popped the question to Calista Flockhart after 7 years of dating. Bruce Willis married his model girlfriend Emma Heming over the weekend, while everyone’s favorite party girl Paris Hilton got engaged to her boyfriend of one month, reality TV star Doug Reinhardt.

But who’s not settling down anytime soon? Unemployed actress Mischa Barton. “I’m not a huge fan of marriage,” she said, according to Showbiz Spy.

From <i>OK</i>.
From OK.

“It puts too much pressure on the relationship. People try harder until they’re married and then you see a lot of relationships fall apart because it’s the last step. There’s nothing left.”

Another celebrity who’s not settling down? According to The New York Daily News, Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson recently said he “can’t get laid in New York.” Ouch. Hey, if Paris Hilton can settle down surely the rest of us can.

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