A Loving London Proposal


Harry & Demi-Leigh

How they Met

demi and harry proposal engagement

I met Demi though a friend of ours. I had seen her around and thought she was absolutely gorgeous so essentially asked my friend to be the matchmaker! As soon as we went on our first date we got on like a house on fire and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Proposal

It was Valentine’s Day and I had booked us into the most gorgeous suite at the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard in London. The views are just amazing as you can see the whole of London from the floor to ceiling windows of the hotel room. I knew instantly it was where I wanted to propose to Demi. It was really important to me that I did something different. I didn’t want to just get down on one knee in a hotel room – Demi deserves more than that.

So I enlisted the help of London’s Top Proposal Planners: The One Romance. For weeks before the proposal, I had secret meetings with their team and we came up with a proposal that would be as magical as Demi. The theme behind the proposal was ‘my favorite things’ as Demi, being a typical girl, has certain things that she loves so much (perhaps even more than me) for example Lindt chocolate and Muscato. I knew I wanted to incorporate these into the proposal so The One Romance came up with an amazing idea which included the view of London’s skyline in our hotel room, old-fashioned romance and all the personalized little things that Demi would love.

harry and demi proposal story

On the evening of the proposal, we checked into our room and then headed to a beautiful restaurant within the hotel for dinner. Unknown to Demi at that exact point The One Romance team had sneaked into our hotel room and started to put the proposal plan into action! After supper and drinks we ventured back upstairs to our room and as Demi opened the door she was hit with the most incredible view. Our entire hotel room had been covered in thousands upon thousands of rose petals, candles and lanterns. There was a beautiful white carpet laid our like an aisle that led up from the door of the hotel room to the view out over London. On the aisle were 5 beautiful balloons and under each balloon was a gift – each one was one of Demi’s ‘favorite things.’

In one box there was bar of her favourite chocolate, another box contained a photo of her family, the third box had a bottle of Moscato in and the forth box was a keyring with the words ‘best teacher’ engraved on it (Demi loves her job as a teacher!). As she opened each gift I became more and more nervous as I knew the most important moment was still to come.

demi and harry love

As she approached the final box, I reached into my pocket and felt the ring box in my hand. The note attached to the box said ‘You have had all of your favourite things, can I please now have mine?’ And what was my most favourite thing in the world? Demi of course. Demi opened the box and out came a balloon on which the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ were written. It was at this point that she turned around and I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife! She said YES!

The Engagement Ring

harry and demi proposal story love

Photographer: Paul Grace
Proposal Planner: The One Romance

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