First Day of Fall Proposal Ideas


Fall is my absolute favorite season. The boots, the sweaters, the leaves, the weather– it’s all perfect. If your girl is like me, then seize the moment to propose at the beginning of her favorite season. That means she can spend the three months enjoying her engagement. It also means that if she wants a fall wedding, you guys have a year to plan. Win, win– right?

fall proposal ideas


Photography by Nikki Tran

Of course, the first day of fall isn’t always cool or perfect-weather-ready like the season is. So how do you get away with planning a fall proposal when it actually still feels like summer outside? Here are my suggestions!

1. Make a Fall Bucket List. What a cute way to plan the season together! Make a list together or make one that you give to her– either way you can surprise her with putting, “Get Engaged” at the bottom. If you’re making it together, make sure to write it down and be all flirty by covering it up, then when she reads it immediately get down on one knee. Swoon-worthy moment.

2. Make a Summer Memories Scrapbook. Start the season right by sending off the last one. End the book of photos/memories/texts with START THE FALL RIGHT: GET ENGAGED. I highly doubt she’s going to say no when you’re giving her more than one momentum to hold on to.

3. Use Fall Favorites. Whether it’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or a pumpkin cupcake from her favorite bakery, surprise her as soon as her favorite seasonal-treat is out. While I wouldn’t suggest putting her ring in the food, find a way to make the packaging speak for you. Write, “Will You Marry Me?” on her coffee cup or the napkin that accompanies that cupcake.

What’s your favorite thing about fall?


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