A Proposal on the Rocks


A photo session is a great opportunity for a proposal. You are sure to get beautiful pictures of that one special instant. We love Nick and Kona’s perfect mountain proposal.

Where they met

“Nick and I met when he bought my Uncle’s computer repair shop Computer Tamer. My uncle had had my computer for sometime, and with the change of ownership I wanted to make sure I retained ownership of my laptop. I went over to the shop and identified my laptop through the confusion by the Pink Floyd cover band sticker on the back. My Uncle had still not fixed the case so I left the laptop there and came back a week or so later. Nick had replaced the case and it now charged beautifully there was only one problem, the whole thing was held together with well wishes and positive vibes. Needless to say I called him right away. “Excuse me,” I said, “my laptop appears to be missing some screws” and once you call a man about a screw you have pretty much well and got his attention.”

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The Proposal

“The proposal was beautiful! Elsa had us climb all the way up the side of a mountain and stand on this beautiful rock formation (I was glad I wore my boots instead of the heels I was originally considering!) It started to get chilly so I started walking back down and they talked me into one more shot at the top of the rock. When I turned around to leave again, there Nick was down on one knee, ready to start our new life together.”

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The Engagement Ring

“The engagement ring wasn’t the one I was expecting. I hadn’t been too terribly subtle about what I wanted in a ring. My oldest sister and I had gone to a jewelers and sent Nick several photos of ones that we liked. “Ooo look at the side detail on this one.” “I love how this one is cut.” “It is such a pretty color.” I expected him to pick one of those things and get a ring like it, instead he got me one with everything I had enjoyed in the others.”

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The Photographer

Elsa Boscarello Photography

“Nick and I had a secret phrase he would say out loud when he was ready to propose (“…it’s so chilly/cold out here”). This would help me prepare and position them in an adequate spot with good light; however, he never said it. At one point I positioned Kona looking away from him and he pulled out the box. I didn’t anticipate he wouldn’t say our secrete sentence! Regardless, he executed his proposal effortlessly.”

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  1. Daryl Brown says:

    Congrats! May the light of a thousand suns shine on your union for you are truly one of the most beautiful souls that bless this planet.

  2. Anne says:

    Great shots:) lovely idea! Love your style Elsa.

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