7 Winter Proposal Ideas


If your girl gets more excited about snow and the holiday than she does on her own birthday or prefers pea coats to bikinis, then winter could be the perfect month to propose to this special lady.

1 – Write in the Snow or Christmas Lights

Nothing says love like a romantic stroll in the snow looking at Christmas lights or even a helicopter ride above snowy scenery. If you’re tech savvy, go beyond spelling your message on the roof and sync up your house’s Christmas lights to flash to the tune of a special song. She’ll be blown away.

2 – Heartwarming Hot Chocolate

This tasty beverage can definitely turn up the cute factor on your proposal. Some options include resealing a packet of Swiss Miss with the ring inside. Just make sure she opens the powder and pours it before adding hot water. Or, make a custom mug for her with the message at the bottom. cuddle up in front of a warm fire and wait for her to finish her drink. When she reaches the bottom, she’ll be surprised to see the words: “Will you marry me?”.

3 – Magical Horse DrawnCarriage Ride

Arranging for a horse drawn carriage ride is a very romantic date that’ll set the mood for the perfect proposal. During the winter months, they are extra romantic because of the glistening snow, the twinkling holiday lights and of course the cold weather. Grab a blanket and snuggle up to your sweetheart and just wait for the right moment.

4 – Get Santa In On It

Who says Christmas is just for children? Since old St. Nick makes dreams come true, wouldn’t he be one of the best ways to deliver an extra special Christmas gift this year to your sweetheart? Take her to the mall to get your pictures taken on Santa’s knee. Have him tell her that he knows her secret Christmas wish. Then he can pull out the ring from his pocket (that you’ve already given him in advance). The best part? There’s already a mall photographer in front of you to capture the whole moment.

5 – Use Winter Sports

 Ice skating, skiing, bobsledding, oh my! don’t let the wintry weather keep you inside if cabin fever is your lady’s worst enemy. Use the weather to your advantage and go on an adventure. Ici skating is always romantic whether you’re watching it or cuddling while gliding underneath the Rockefeller tree in New York. Skiing can be a treat, especially if you make it a weekend getaway at an adorable lodge somewhere. Take her for the time of her life and when she least expects it, pop the question.

6 – Propose at New Year’s!

New Year’s is one of the best times of year to go for the big question. You could write it into your speech about how your resolution is to be a great fiancé or it’s to marry a beautiful woman. You could propose the second it turns midnight. Instead of kissing her when the ball drops, you immediately drop a knee and start the New Year newly engaged! Plus, if you guys plan to go out on the town all dressed up for the festivities, she’ll love having her photo snapped at the exact moment you pop the question.

7 – Hit Her With Cupid

Some girls get really wrapped up in this holiday so a proposal on February 14 could be just the ticket for a very enthusiastic “YES!”. The key to proposing on this day is to know your sweetheart’s likes and dislikes like the back of your hand. If she likes flashy, you better go all out with the fine dining, flash mobs or limo rides. If she’s more reserved, a romantic dinner for two cooked by you and set by candlelight is probably more her style. And of course, if all else fails, use chocolate.

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