Her 7 Cute Dogs Helped Him Propose


Jennifer & Christopher

The Proposal

My sister, Danielle, and I work together. She asked me at the beginning of the week if I would like to take an extended lunch hour on Thursday (March 21, 2013) to go to a wedding event being held at Audubon Park in New Orleans; she said she had free passes, we could get discounts, free stuff and gather ideas for my wedding!

As we were walking into the park, from a distance, I noticed a guy looking our way, smiling, and I could hear a dog barking. I told my sister the barking dog sounded just like one of my dogs, Remi. As we got closer to the park benches and water fountain I finally realized it was Chris sitting on the park bench and he had all 7 of our dogs with him! I realized he was there to propose to me with all of our babies (that I love more than life itself) who were wearing kerchiefs that said “Will You Marry Me”.

Of course I said yes and happily accepted his proposal. As soon as I put my ring on, my parents, my other sister, Kristine, and her boyfriend and Chris’ parents pop out from behind some trees and bushes for yet another beautiful surprise.


The Engagement Ring

Chris bought my engagement ring from Jared. It’s a round cut diamond ring setting, white gold, with a Tolkowsky diamond as the center diamond.

Meet the Doggies!


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  1. Lisa says:

    LOVE your story & your babies. Chris and your family did a great job!

  2. Tammy Schmitt says:

    This is the most amazing , kind hearted, and sweetest proposal I have ever seen in my life! They Truly are in love and deserve some kind of goodies for this proposal submitted!!!!

  3. Miriam meadows says:

    Jennifer this is so sweet. I am glad you found happiness and someone good to you

  4. Barb says:

    That was so awesome and your ring is beautiful

    Barb and Rog

  5. spring says:

    I love this, she loves those pups so much! Congratulating Jennifer

  6. Aunt Laura Uncle Michael says:

    Congratulations!How Sweet and Creative! Hope you both will be very happy and we are glad you found each other and true love.

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