Alternative Rose Gold Engagement Rings


There are some engagement ring settings which design secrets it will take you years to uncover as you look at your ring finger through different lights and angles. Here are three intricate engagement designs by Mars Fine Jewelry that will keep you guessing for a long time.

alternative mars engagement ring rose gold 3

A rose gold chain motif band surrounds a round cut diamond center stone. We love the way each of the smaller diamonds are cradled and set in tiny rose gold milgrain baskets.

alternative mars engagement ring rose gold 2

This floral shaped halo engagement ring features the cutest rose gold flowers on the sides and a very organic split shank band design.

alternative Mars engagement ring rose gold 1

This mixed metal engagement ring setting is really one of a kind. Again, we love the way each smaller diamonds are set and can’t keep our eyes off the different layers of design elements around the center stone.

Settings retail around $2,000.

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