Rain or Snow, the way to Propose!


It may almost be March, but that doesn’t mean everyone has spring-like weather on the way any time soon.

Whether you’re facing snow or rain, you still may want to pull an outdoor proposal. Here are three ideas that aren’t always done!

1. Have a snowball fight. What’s a way to relieve stress and have some fun? A snowball fight, of course! Take part in this “childish” activity, and once you’re all out of breath and over getting hit in the face with snow, drop to one knee and tell her you want to have this much fun with her for the rest of your life.

2. Singin’ in the rain! You don’t have to dance around a light pole in the rain to let her know you want to marry her, but it is a thought to go for a romantic walk with an umbrella. So many people avoid going out when it’s raining, so why not be the exception and take that moment to propose! There’s nothing more romantic than kissing in the rain, after all.

3. Tent Picnic. Even in the rain and snow you can still enjoy the outdoors. Get out, pitch a tent (or set up a beach-like tent that you can get in and out of easier) and have a picnic. You may need blankets, gloves, hats and more– but it’s still beyond romantic. When the time is right and you’re holding her close, go into your proposal. Even if she has chattering teeth, it will be a proposal to remember!


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